Decisions Decisions

When was the last time you needed to make a decision in your life?

Every one of us makes decisions every day; will I get up or push snooze?, what will I have for breakfast?, what will I watch on TV?

These decisions are fairly straightforward and easy enough to make, but what about the BIG decisions in life...?

How do you make the BIG decisions in life?

Recently, Anita and I have had a number of big decisions to make in our lives.  Some have been work-related, and some have been personal decisions.  Regardless of this, our decision-making process is the same:

1. Talk to God about it - commit the decision to prayer - not once, but continually. Allow God to speak to you through your prayer times and also through the Bible as you read it.

2. Get the facts - it is very hard to make an informed decision without the necessary information, so find out what you need to know.

3. Seek wise council - ask close friends/family members (people you know you can trust and rely on) for their thoughts. God will often use the people close to us to talk to us. Then ask them to pray as well.

4. Make a decision and allow doors to open or shut - often God can make things clearer by making it known which way not to proceed, rather than categorically showing which way to proceed.

5. Seek God's peace - often you will know you have made the right decision by the sense of peace you feel; peace that surpasses understanding.

The reality is however, as much as God is interested in the decisions we make, He is far more interested in the people we are! At the end of the day, God wants us to honour Him with our lives, no matter what decisions we find ourselves making.

So next time you have BIG decisions to make, consider these 5 points, but more importantly, consider who you are.


Steven King

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