Dealing With Frustration

Last week should have been a great week for Laura and I. Why? Well, we were all prepared to get our driveway completed at our house. Believe me - this should have been an exciting time for our family!

Our driveway has been a work in progress (much like the rest of our renovator's delight house!) for some time now and we have had to endure some pretty average, muddy conditions with the recent turn in the weather. Anna has been the only one who hasn't complained... she gets to jump in some muddy puddles when she gets out of the car each day just like Peppa Pig!

What was wrong with our driveway? Well, water used to cascade down from the road above and head straight into the front wall of our house before seeping underneath the foundation - not a recipe for the longevity of any structure that's for sure. We had to do something to fix the problem so (with the help of some very generous family members and friends) we spent the majority of my spare time building retaining walls, digging trenches, installing pits, and metres and metres of AGI Pipe. Fun times indeed.

So to say I was a little excited that the whole driveway process seemed to be coming to an end would have been an understatement. Laura and I were both looking forward to having a nicely compacted, finished gravel driveway. Unfortunately, things didn't work out quite as we expected them to.

Wednesday came, and so did the rain. It rained. It poured. Then it rained some more. The road base we had trucked in looked more like mud from a scene out of Gallipoli (it still does now!) It was a muddy, sloshy mess. We spread out the mud with a Bobcat and attempted to compact it with a roller but it was no good. It wasn't happening. There was no way that the driveway was going to get completed. Our dream of a finished driveway just wasn't going to be realised.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Maybe it wasn't a driveway, but perhaps it was the cancellation of a dinner with a friend or having to postpone a holiday because of illness?

Things don't always happen as we think they should. Circumstances can change. Things can seem to go against us at times. So how do we respond? Do we get angry and allow frustration to boil over? How do we respond to these kind of moments in life?

Rick Warren shares five great ideas for dealing with frustration (click on the link for more information on each point). Here are his ideas:

  1. Ask yourself, "Did I cause it?"

  2. Ask yourself, "What can I learn from it?"

  3. Thank God in the situation.

  4. Turn the frustration into a funny, humorous event.

  5. Ask God to fill you with his love.

We can all find ourselves in these kind of situations from time to time... next time you find yourself in one, why not put these steps into practice? I'm sure they will help you in your frustration... they sure have helped me in mine!

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