Custard Makes a Difference

This Christmas, as we partner with HICCI (Healesville Inter-church Community Care Inc), you can help make a difference. Simply buy a 1-litre long life custard and put it in the HICCI bin at church this Sunday. As a church, we have been asked if we can contribute 200 custards. It costs very little but it will make up part of the Christmas Hampers that will be given to struggling families this year.

Someone once said, “It's not the big things that make the biggest difference, it’s the small things, done with great love, that make the biggest difference.”

Christmas is less than fifty days away, believe it or not! It is around now that we start to think about what are we going to get the pastor for Christmas… oh sorry, I mean, your family and loved ones for Christmas. We search catalogues, we stake out the sales, we ask our loved ones even, but then we go away and we decide what we will get by asking one of three questions:

  • How much is it?
  • Is it something that they need?
  • Will it be something that I can use? (No, just joking)

  • It is a luxury to even ask these questions. There are many people just in this town of Healesville that simply can’t ask these questions because Christmas for them is just another day on Struggle Street. They are not thinking ‘what can I buy someone else for Christmas?’ They are thinking, ‘will I eat today?’ Or, ‘will I feed my children?’  Some of us might think, ‘there is no way that is happening in Healesville.’ Well, I am telling you, this is true for many in Healesville and HICCI meets them everyday.

    These hampers can bless and encourage those who struggle; they can give them hope. Maybe they are not ‘Christmas hampers’, but rather, ‘hampers of hope given at Christmas’.

    I encourage you to seriously consider what Christmas is all about. I think if we were to stop and be still for a moment, we would realise that what HICCI is doing with these hampers is what Christmas is all about.

    Please put your 1-litre long life custard in the HICCI bin, which is in the foyer at Liberty, THIS SUNDAY!

    Blessings and peace,


    Ps Neil Milton

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