Costly Grace. Extravagant Love.

Costly Grace. Extravagant Love.

Growing up as a young kid and as a teenager, I didn’t view Good Friday as being a special day. You could probably say that I had a bit of a problem with Good Friday. I remember thinking to myself whenever this day came around… “It’s Good Friday again… what’s so ‘good’ about this day of all days!?”

I struggled to understand why anyone would want to celebrate the death of Jesus and have extra ‘special’ church services like the one we are having today. I struggled to understand how such a day could ever be thought of as being ‘good’.

Why is today 'good'?

Good Friday is ‘good’ because Good Friday marks the day when Jesus Christ – motivated and compelled by His great love for us – freely chose to hang on Calvary’s cross, bearing the weight of mankind’s sin, to deal with the issue of mankind’s sin, once and for all.

Costly grace. Extravagant love. Displayed for all to see.

I want to encourage you to get along to church over Easter and join us as we celebrate and remember Jesus' costly grace and extravagant love for us. We have services on both Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, starting at 10am.

We look forward to having you join us this weekend!

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