Can I Trust You?

A guy was speaking with another guy the other day and they got to a real pointy end of the conversation a place where they had not gone before and he said “so can I trust you with what I have told you?”

The truth is that when it comes to the fabric that builds relationships that last there is one word that really out weighs them all (other than God) and that is: trust.

Trust is a commodity that we earn not something that is given, it is built over time, but it is also the one thing that will sustain the relationship long term.

Do you find it hard to trust others? Why?

From my personal experience once trust has been broken with people that you have done life with for many years, it is more difficult to trust others. It takes time and especially time with Jesus to restore you. There is no point in denying what you may have been through with the destruction of trust in relationships because that will mean less time for you to start to trust again. It would be better for you to allow God to heal those hurts and brokenness and restore you fully.

When ever I struggle in this area of trust, I think about Jesus and his best mate Peter who denied him three times, breaking Jesus trust, but then Jesus loving response. We can learn a lot from Jesus in the area of trust.

Trusting others is a constant journey for many of us but God is our gracious God who continues to restore us and make us whole. If we are willing to receive his help we will be able to trust again no matter how hard it might be.

Thanks be to God!

Blessings and peace


Ps Neil Milton

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