Assurance in Christ

On a recent trip to Bali, Anita and I were able to strike up a friendship with our driver whose name was IGede (pronounced G'Day!). IGede drove us around on three occasions and during these times shared with us about his wife and three children and we got chatting about his religion.

The Balinese people are approximately 80% Hindu in their beliefs and IGede and his family were also Hindu. It is fact Balinese Hinduism is a mixture between Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism. Even though I have studied various religions before, speaking to someone who was directly involved in this type of religion somehow made things more real.

For me, there were three key differences that stood out most profoundly between IGede's religion and our faith in Jesus Christ.

Firstly, in contrast to our God who loves us unconditionally and who longs for a closer relationship with each one of us IGede was required to religiously make offerings to his god three times a day in order to win his favour, and appease him in some way. Further to this, he never knew for certain whether his offerings were good enough.

Secondly, his whole purpose in life was inward focussed. Always worrying about how good his karma was and always striving for greater karma to pass on to his kids, but yet again, never knowing for sure if it was ever going to be enough. This again is a big contrast to our faith that is, in essence, outward focussed and ultimately centred around loving God and loving others.

Thirdly, IGede's eternal destiny was unclear to him. He will never know what he will reincarnate as until it happens. All he can do is to hope for the best. Again, a big contrast to the certainty of salvation, and eternity with God in heaven, that is assured to us because we are Christians.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the assurance I have in Jesus Christ. The knowledge that I am good enough just as I am, accepting the work of Christ on the cross, can never be fully appreciated. All I can do is daily thank God for His salvation and honour Him with my life. How about you?

God bless,

Steven King

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