Answered Prayer

Just after Christmas, Rose and I went away for a few days break. We were really looking forward to it since we had had a busy time over the Christmas season and were ready to re-charge.

We loaded up the car and trailer to head off on a 2 hour drive. Approximately half way, suddenly the engine warning light came on. If you know anything about cars, you know that this is not usually a good thing to happen! I stopped at the first safe place and consulted the car's manual. It indicated a possible problem with either the electrical system or the anti-pollution system, recommending that the car be taken as soon as possible to an authorized repairer. That meant it could still be driven, but it was also recommended to only drive slowly, so as to not strain the engine. That's a bit tricky when on a country highway, loaded with a trailer! But, it wasn't a catastrophic warning (i.e. yellow, not red warning light).

What to do? Head back home? Head for the nearest workshop (which probably wasn't open)? Or, continue carefully?

We prayed for wisdom and guidance, and decided to continue on carefully, trying not to slow down the other traffic too much. We arrived at our destination, with the warning light displayed all the way. Not the most relaxing drive I have ever done! It's amazing how all your senses are glued to what was happening - listening for a different sound that might warn of something major. But we still felt it was the right decision to proceed, trusting that God would get us there safely.

We didn't need to drive the car for a couple of days, and so we prayed that God would fix whatever was wrong. When we did need to drive, I started up with some hesitation, yet confident that God had carried us that far, and He would carry us wherever we needed to go.

No warning light displayed. Massive relief and thankful prayers to our loving God. When we returned late that night (New Years Eve), still no warning light. When we loaded up and headed back home, no warning light. Many prayers of thanks have been prayed and continue to be prayed for our miracle working God.
The thought occurred to me to take the car to my mechanic when we got back, but then I realized that was placing more faith in him, than in God who had fixed the problem. I changed my mind and decided that when God fixes something, He fixes it permanently. So, I haven't taken it to the mechanic, and don't intend to.

No warning light has shown since.

What have I learned from this? God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, even something as relatively insignificant as the operation of a car. It was a clear manifestation of what James says in his letter in James 4:2 (NIV):

"You do not have because you do not ask God."

I suggest you read that verse in context, because the whole thrust of that chapter is about submission to God. We trusted that God would enable us to continue on our journey and that when He fixes something, it is fixed!

Be encouraged. Be blessed.

Tim Connelly

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