A Prayer for our Leaders

Whatever your political view, or how well or otherwise you might regard our government - Federal, State and Local, there is no doubt they have got a tough job on their hands.

How do they balance the medical, economic, social, etc needs in our community, in the midst of this pandemic? Only God has those answers. Will you join with me << Test First Name >>, in praying for our leaders?

Dear God,

All authority is Yours, but You have given authority to leaders to protect and guide us.

Today, we ask that You would give all our leaders wisdom, discernment, strength, and resolve. Keep them healthy, safe, and rested so that they can continue to guide us through this troubling time.

generosity, kindness, joyGive our government leaders wisdom about what needs to be done to stop the virus and stabilize our economy.
 Give our spiritual leaders Your discernment on how to meet people’s needs as they continue to glorify Your name and encourage the Church.
 Give our medical leaders insight into how to stop the virus. Strengthen their resolve and honor their hard work in creating a treatment for COVID-19.
 Give our civic leaders inspiration, courage, joy, and strength to meet the needs of their communities.
 And help us, as leaders in our communities, to display courage, hope, generosity, and kindness. Would the way we honor others inspire those around us.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

I believe we need to be praying for our leaders all the time. However it is in these troubled times, that they need our prayer, whether they realize it or not, even more.

God bless,

Tim Connelly

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