A Prayer for Connection

As no doubt many who read this reflection also do, I receive emails from YouVersion. Recently there have been some wonderful prayers that I want to share with you, and will be doing so over the next four weeks via these weekly reflections.

This first one is one I'm sure we can all relate to:

Dear God,
Being alone is hard. We were created for community, not confinement.
But we’re grateful that no matter how alone we may feel, You never leave us or forsake us.
And, we’re grateful for technology that helps us stay in touch with each other.
Today, please remind us that this time of social distancing and isolation will not last forever.
Give us the strength to endure this difficult season, and deepen our connection with You and Your people.
Empower us with an extra dose of Your love, peace, hope and joy, because we need it.
Remind us of Your promises, and please heal our land.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Let's all pray this prayer in faith, << Test First Name >>, that God will carry us all safely through this troubled time, and help us to grow deeper in our connections with each other.

God bless,

Tim Connelly

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