A Moon Boot or an Instrument of God’s Grace?

About a month ago, I walked into Healesville Fitness, and as I did, so did another lady. We started talking and it wasn’t long until I realised she wasn’t doing so well.

She shared with me that she’d had some injuries lately and the doctors had thought she had something quite serious. She then went on to share with me how at the moment she had a broken bone in her foot and she was in need of a ‘moon boot’ to help keep her foot from over-extending so it could repair. Just that week I’d had a conversation with someone from Liberty about how they had a moon boot. Knowing someone who had one, I gave them a call and they said it was fine for this person to borrow it and it would be dropped off within the hour. I came back and told the lady. She burst into tears, gave me a big hug and said, “Thank you so much. A lot has hit me lately, injury after injury; my son has been hurt repeatedly at school and so much more. It’s very hard to remain positive when you are bombarded like this. Your actions today shifted my day from one I didn’t want to be a part of to being appreciative for the small things. Thank you again and please pass on my warmest regards to the lady who dropped it off; I didn’t get to meet her.”

The other day I heard that the person from our church who lent the moon boot had caught up with the lady for a coffee so she could return it and the lady said that she was thinking she might come back to church soon.

In reflection of this beautiful story, I see more and more how God is at work in our community. I see God’s Holy Spirit at work that looks nothing like what most would call church. I see God’s Holy Spirit presenting opportunities in places that people would say, “God isn’t there.” I see God’s Holy Spirit doing wonderful things through our church family into people’s lives who have either walked away from faith or have nothing to do with it at all.

Let’s look out for God… ‘Cause just maybe He will use you to teach someone to appreciate the ‘little things’!



Ps Neil Milton

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