A Challenge to the Church

I came across this video from Francis Chan the other day when reading some articles online. To say that what he shares is a challenge to the Church is a massive understatement.

Francis Chan talks about authentic Christian faith and living a radical life of obedience to Jesus. He challenges us to set the example of faith for the young people in our churches. He challenges us to not get caught up in doing life (dating, marriage, kids, work, retirement etc) at the expense of being led by and serving God faithfully through everything and every season. He challenges us to live life and take risks and truly surrender our lives to Christ. He also says what I found to be a particularly confronting statement:

"I don’t want to sound negative… I just get sad, because not only are you missing out on life, but we are turning away our children by the droves because our lives are not the adventure they see in scripture... and they are not experiencing the Holy Spirit. They are experiencing like a Christian version of the American Dream that is watered down, and we just make excuses for really idolising our families rather than really putting Christ and the mission first."

Pretty challenging words aren't they? I encourage you: allow what Francis Chan shares in this video to really speak to and challenge your heart. Allow and take time for the Spirit of God to speak to you and stretch and grow your faith.

God longs for us to be people who live authentic lives that outwork and practice the Christian faith... let's all take up the challenge and live lives that model authentically our Christian faith.

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