2 Years

I cannot believe that only two days ago was my families anniversary of being at Liberty for two years. Some might be thinking wow, big deal why does it even matter? Well for me it shows how fast time seems to be moving and it’s another opportunity for my family to give God all the glory for bringing us to Healesville and to Liberty. We are truly blessed.

In light of this anniversary I want to share with you three things I have learnt living in Healesville.

1.   You can never go to Coles quickly to just get a few things
It didn’t take long till it started to take at least half an hour to get some milk or bread because you can guarantee you will bump into someone who needs a listening ear, a hug or just some encouragement. I love this, I think this exemplifies beautiful community and I look forward to going into Coles, not for the product I will purchase but for the people I will see there.

2.  Go a different way home from church on a Sunday morning
Healesville seems to be a stop over point for those traveling through to other places and the traffic shows that on a Sunday morning. There have been many times where I have forgotten this and I am left going a snails pace along the main street of Healesville. However I have begun to love this because it gives me some time to reflect on the service that has just gone and it gives me time to pray for those who have shared their heart with me.

3.   Coming home from Lilydale is a beautiful experience every time
Every time I am driving home from Lilydale I cannot help but give praise to God for the wonderful creation of those mountains, the plains, trees and vineyards. Sometimes I get to drive back while the sun is setting and the colours are gorgeous across the skies which brings out the colours of the mountains. This drive allows me to reflect on how big God is and how small I am and how blessed I am to know God the creator personally.

Healesville is a beautiful place filled with wonderful people who desperately need Jesus and I am honoured God has brought us here to see Healesville transformed.

I am so excited that God wants to use Liberty to be part of this transformation. It is a privilege to serve alongside you to see this come about as we are directed by God.

Have a great day and we will see you Sunday for prayer at 8.30am or for the 10am service and the ‘Unity Lunch’.


Ps Neil Milton

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