What is Your Role?

In following the ReadScripture app, I recently read the first few chapters of the book of Numbers. It details the preparations that were being made before they were to leave Mt Sinai and head to the Promised Land. This was after 12 months camped at the base of the mountain following their flight from Egypt.

God gave Moses specific instructions about the order by which they were to camp around the Tabernacle, their order of march and instructions on who was to do what with the Tabernacle tent and furnishings. No small task!

The Levites, being the priestly tribe, were tasked with the job of caring for the Tabernacle, its breakdown, transport and set up at the new campsite. All the tents, poles, bases, altar etc, were assigned to various Levite family groups so that each group knew their role. If everyone did their job, the movement from one site to the next went smoothly. If tasks weren't done, problems arose and the overall purpose of coming into the Promised Land was delayed. It was the same whether the task was caring for and carrying the Ark of the Covenant, or caring for and carrying the tent poles. All tasks were important.

I see parallels with our church, obviously on a different scale, but the principles remain the same.

There are a multitude of tasks to be done in our context, that enable us as a church to pursue the vision that God has set before us. When all these tasks are done, the achievement of that vision comes closer to reality. When some may not be done, it can have a delaying effect that ripples into other areas and so compromises the overall vision.

I find it interesting that God assigned the roles to the Israelites. The same applies today. What role is God calling you to? Is that where you are currently serving, or is He calling you into somewhere different?

Just as all tasks were important to the overall purpose of the Israelites, so are all tasks important at our church. Serving on the Welcome Team is just as important as preaching. Playing & singing in the Music Team is similarly as important as those who clean the church.

My challenge to you today is: Where is God calling you to serve in His church Liberty?

God bless,

Tim Connelly

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