Don't you love how you can get something fresh and new from the Word of God, even when you have probably read a particular passage tens of times *|FNAME|*? This happened to me last week as I read my daily ReadScripture readings and came across Psalm 136.


What was it that struck me in particular about this Psalm? The continual repetition of one phrase throughout the entirety of Psalm 136 (ESV). In 26 verses, this phrase is repeated 26 times:

"...for his steadfast love endures forever."

Why does the writer of this Psalm repeat this phrase so often? Why bother reading something like this when the same phrase is repeated over and over again?

David Mathis in his article Why We Worship on Repeat, explains exactly why:

"The goal of the song is not to make his steadfast love old hat, but to help us feel it afresh and at new depth. The dance of each new verse, with each return to the refrain, is designed to bore the central truth about God’s resilient love deeper and deeper into our inner person. The psalm is not a treatise on the unwavering, persistent love of God, but what we call a meditation — less linear and more circular — crafted to help auger the reality of his love from information on our mental surface down to an experience in our hearts. If you come away bored (unaffected), you’ve missed the point. But if you come away with God bored deeply into your soul (tasting afresh the strength and sweetness of his love), you’ve been carried by the Holy Spirit."

Peter rightly encouraged us some weeks ago through his reflection to meditate as Christians, and this Psalm is a gift to help us to do just that. I want to encourage you *|FNAME|* - take the time this week to meditate on God's steadfast love by reading through and reflecting on this wonderful Psalm. Fill your mind with biblical truth, taste and see the goodness of our God, and I'm sure that before you know it, you'll be singing and declaring this repetitious refrain with joy too!


Ps Joel Hawting

(P.S. Don't forget that Ps John and Jocie Meadth are going to be visiting us this Sunday... it's going to be a great morning... don't miss it!) 

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